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Our Roadmap

Some of our ideas... far more yet in our heads ⚡


merging real life and metaverse(s)

Our future vision for CardanoKitchen is driven by one main idea: to bring real life and metaverse(s) closer together, food-wise.

First, let's take a look at what we've accomplished so far: We were the first project to design a fully functional Pavia building. This building will become the first CardanoKitchen branch in Pavia (SmallBranch). But we didn't stop here. We further developed a more complex site, what we call the SuperStore. Again, this was just the beginning. We started to develop the CardanoKitchen Headquarter Estate, which is currently under development.

Watch our videos to imagine how our branches will look like in the Metaverse:

Food PCA

As a first step of merging real life and metaverse(s) like Pavia, we started to design our ingredients as Food-PCAs. These Food-PCAs will be free of charge to anyone who holds a dish in their wallet.
These food PCAs will be a game changer that open up endless possibilities. To name just a few of our ideas: Owning an apple PCA could allow you to plant a tree and harvest that tree in the future. The harvested could be either sold or cooked to dishes. Or maybe you're a passionate burger chef who wants to sell your burgers in the metaverse? Our food PCAs could enable you to do just that.


Our team is made up of CNFT fanatics from the very beginning, who firmly believe that we are still at the beginning. From the beginning, CardanoKitchen wanted to contribute to the further expansion of the CNFT community - the (free!) integration of other projects into our buildings (see above) is just one small example. This also includes our plan to make the source code of our kitchen available to the CNFT community - for free.

We are currently in negotiations with several projects about possible cooperations. In this context, we are planning, for example, to publish joint NFTs or to create additional functions for our ingredients.

— Any questions? —

Jan 31st, 2022 | 9 pm UTC. Please follow us on Twitter to get the latest updates!

ONLY use ADA wallets (shelley-era) such as CCVAULT/DAEDALUS/NAMI/YOROI or ADALITE. Under the given circumstances we recommend CCVAULT or DAEDALUS.


The mint price is 30 ADA.

Yes - up to 10 per transaction. Just send the right ADA amount to the wallet adress (e.g. 60 ADA for 2 ingredients, 90 ADA for 3 ingredients .... 300 ADA for 10 ingredients).

Collect different ingredients, select the dish you wanna cook and hand the ingredients over to our chef PanPan. Have a look at our Menu to check out which ingredients are necessary for the dishes we are offering.

All dishes are unique, there won't be another dish like yours. 

Our kitchen is ready: Cook your dishes @

Feel free to contact us on Twitter, Discord or E-Mail (!